Potato in Bombay Duck

Potato in Bombay Duck
West Indian Cuisine

Potato in Bombay Duck

A dish with a very misleading name, the Bombay Duck is a not a bird but a fish. Native to the costal waters of Western India, the Bombay Duck, also known as Bombil or Lizard Fish is a fisherman’s favourite.

The dried salted smelly crumbly fish was held in high regard by British colonials. When rail links were first started on the Indian subcontinent, the prized fish, notorious for its sharp and pungent smell, was transported to different regions of India on trains. Since the smell of the dried fish was so overpowering, it was later consigned to the mail trains; the Bombay Daak (daak meaning mail).

‘You smell like the Bombay Daak’ was a common term in use in the days of the British Raj. Over the years the term was eventually corrupted and its present day name of Bombay Duck was born.

The Potato in Bombay Duck is a highly popular recipe using this unique dried fish.

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