Eastern Indian Cuisine


A synonym of food from the east of India, the iconic Naga Pork is a masterpiece of aromas and taste. It is pork cooked with dry bamboo shoots the hottest chilli in the world —the Naga Chilli.

The Nagapork is flavoured with the simplest of spices and an authentic delicacy of Nagaland. Evolved through influences from the neighbouring states like Sikkim and Manipur, legend has it that the Nagapork came out of the Feast of Merit.

Long before tribal villages become kingdoms, the old Naga Tribes observed a community kitchen cooking called the Feast Of Merit. Every household of the tribe were mandated to give one ingredient to the community kitchen to prepare a feast for the hunters. They met in the centre of the village and ate together everyday. Run by revolutionary chefs of the day, the Nagapork is said to be a product of one of these kitchens.

The Nagapork is one of the first dishes taught to all girls and boys in every Naga home. The dish is noteworthy in the fact that smoked pork is used in the recipe and over the ages there has barely been any changes in this tribe-perfected recipe.

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