Laal Maans

Laal Maans
West Indian Cuisine

Laal Maans

Laal maans is a speciality from the western Indian deserts of Rajasthan made from venison in a sauce with yogurt and the red hot Mathania chillies.

Now made in every Rajasthani home, the Laal Maans was once the privy of only kings and game hunter.s

The medieval Maharaja Sriji Of Mewar, tired of his usual roasts after a hunt, ordered the royal chefs to create something that is hot yet with a sweet after taste and succulent enough to suit the palate of a warrior.

Legend has it that the first iteration was a simple dish with flavours of just garlic and yougurt. Though it was quite interesting, the subtle curry failed to mask the gamy odour of the deer and was rejected.
After much trial and error the chefs soon realised that adding fiery red Mathania chillies hid its gamy odour and have it a deep red colour.

Thus was born the Laal Maans.

Since then it’s a dish that was created by men’s folk of Mewar, women were not allowed to cook it. Even today, Laal Maans makers are men, and that includes The present Maharaja Sriji Of Mewar who is among the last few to have mastered the traditional style of cooking the dish.

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