Kuttanadan Meen Curry

Kuttanadan Meen Curry
South Indian Cuisine

Kuttanadan Meen Curry

A staple from the southern Indian state of Kerala, this is a spicy and tangy preparation of fish which accentuates and brings together the rich flavours of coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek and red pepper.

The unique taste of the kuttanadan fish curry was made possible by an assortment of ingredients brought to Kerala by traders and migrants from China and Portugal in the late 18th century. Combined with the locally available fish the dish soon spread all across Kerala.

In fact the dish is so prevalent in Kerala, there is even a saying that goes “To teach a Keralite, how to cook fish curry, is like teaching a monkey, how to climb the trees.”

This dish is also common in tody shops. These small drinking establishments serve the traditional palm toddy, with served along with tapioca with this fish curry.

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