Eastern Indian Cuisine


Extremely popular in the eastern Indian state of Assam, the Khar is essentially a dish made form sun-dried banana skin and usually cooked with pumpkins.  It is considered that the khar cleanses the stomach and hence, the people of Assam have a tradition of consuming khar before the start of every meal.

The traditional ingredient — the kola khar is made by filtering water through the ashes of the sun-dried skin of a few varieties of banana. This is then added to the main ingredients, which may vary from pumpkins to papayas to lentils.

This is such a simple, humble dish, but it is undoubtedly a dish that the entire race of Assamese is prepared to be represented by – khar khowa asomiya ( khar eating Assamese) as they call themselves. References to it in sentences, especially outside Assam like ”I met a khar”, ”How many khars turned up?”, ”Are there any khars nearby?” are quite common.

Any Assamese meal is incomplete without the delicious Khar.

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