Galouti Kebab

Galouti Kebab
Mughlai Cuisine

Galouti Kebab

Galouti Kebab is a melt in your mouth dish made out of finely minced lamb, popular in the Avadhi region of India.

The Navabs of Avadh, the Persian rulers of India, were notorious for their exuberant lifestyles filled with luxury. Their fanciful palettes always demanded new and exquisite food from their Khansamas (chefs) and the Galouti Kebab is product of this quest.

Until 17th century, kebabs were quite chewy and course in texture. This changed when Nawab Asa-ud-Daula came to power. He was a man who took his food as seriously as his court affairs. As he started getting old, he began losing his teeth but the nawab was in no mood to let this come between him and his love for good food.

So he set up a contest where the maker of the softest and most succulent kababs without compromising on the flavours would enjoy royal patronage henceforth.

Thus was born the softest and most delicate kebabs in the world — the Royal Melting Kebabs, or the Galouti Kebab.

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