Galinha Cafreal

Galinha Cafreal
Western Indian Cuisine

Galinha Cafreal

A spicy preparation, Galina Cafreal is a popular dish from Goa made from whole chicken legs, flavoured with regional spices and herbs and shallow fried.

In Portuguese, Galinha means chicken or fowl and Cafreal is derived from the Portuguese word Cafre, meaning African Black. Extremely popular in the bars and taverns of Goa, this dish can trace its origins over 3 continents.

The dish is though to have originated in the African country of Mozambique. Sometime after the 15th century, when the Portuguese occupied the region, they adopted this dish, frango a cafrial as it was called, and modified it to suit their tastes.

Later when the Portuguese landed on the sandy shores of picturesque Goa, they brought with them African soldiers and slaves. This was when the Galina Cafreal, a favourite of both the Portuguese and the Africans, was introduced to India. Over the years, it evolved using local ingredients and became the dish Goans enjoy today.

To the Goans, “Cafreal love” is still one of the best legacies of Portuguese rule.

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