North Indian Cuisine


Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas and surrounded by lush forests on all sides, are the villages of Garhwal, where people evolved to live in harmony with the environment — a habitat to thousands different species of plants and animals.

In accordance to this unique way of life the Gharwali cuisine follows a sustainable philosophy of wasting as little as possible making sure every part of any raw material is used. Nothing embodies this philosophy more than the Bhutwa — a dish made of the internal organs and intestines of a goat.

While most cultures around the world consider the insides of an animal as taboo, some others use it in everyday food or as delicacies; the Scottish haggis for example.

To make the Bhutwa the internals of a goat are cleaned very carefully and marinated with regional spices sealed in a clay pot and immersed in sand under the hot morning sun. The dish cooks slowly through the day and is finally ready to serve by sunset.

The Bhutwa is characterised by its unique aroma and flavour imparted by the Timur pepper used in it. It is also an extremely healthy dish providing the people with protein, vitamins and iron in abundance.

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